Nami Rigid series that fall into the polyurethane system category are hardened due to the closed cells in their structure and as well as low thermal conductivity coefficient (lambda). In fact, the polyurethane rigid systems have much better heat insulation properties than other insulating materials.

Nami Rigid Systems are designed and produced for use in many specific applications ,including:

  • Continues and discontinues panel systems

  • Refrigerator systems

  • Shutter systems

  • Pipe insulation systems

  • Wood-imitation systems

  • Spray systems

  • Cold room storage systems

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Refrigerator Systems

very good insulation due to low thermal conductivity (K-factor) with low density, homogeneous cells distribution and fast demolding time.

Continuous And Discontinuous Systems

fire resistance, blowing agent, reaction time 

Spray Systems

fastest-developed construction and building insulating materials