Nami Foot “S” Series

with high flexibility, tensile strength, good physical 

Nami Foot “M” Series

with flex resistance, different hardness, fast demolding 

Nami Foot “H” Series

with low density, good flowability, brighten surface and fast demolding

Nami Foot “RI” Series

high tensile strength, elongation at break, flexibility, friction coefficient, chemical resistance, wear resistance, slip resistance

Nami Foot “Extra Light” Series

with good flowability , smooth and brighten surface, quick demolding time 

زمان باز کردن قالب سریع

Nami Foot “Resistance” Series

anti-static, anti-yellowing, anti-UV, anti-hydrolysis, anti-wearing, anti-bacterial

Nami “Insole” Series

good resilience, elegance, physical properties 

Nami Foot “Nano-Bio” Series

based on nanoparticles, nanocomposites and high performance polymers to achieve biocompatible, antimicrobial and smart goals