Nami Industrial Group

Nami industrial group with over 70 years of valuable trading and manufacturing experience has been able to play a significant role in delivering high performance services and products  in the polyurethane industry by adhering to the six principles of unity ,respect ,empathy ,honesty ,perseverance and innovation.

In this regards ,rasam polyemer nami company as a subsidiary of this industrial group, obtained the license for knowledge based from the vice president of science and technology of president in 1395, which is a very important  step towards the self-sufficiency of our beloved Iran in the polyurethane industry.

Supposed by its human capital and installation of one of the most advanced production lines of system house, this industrial group manages  to produce and supply specialized polyester, pre polymers , catalyst ND POLYMERS FOR VARIOUS SHOE INDUSTRIES , industrial insulation, automobiles , construction , home appliance , sponge , glue , paint and other related industries for domestic and foreign markets.  




The foundations of Nami Industrial Group were built by Haj Mohammad Nami in 1322 in a small shoe production workshop, which with his efforts and tact, resulted in the production of shoes and led to the expansion of work towards shoe banking in Tabriz Bazaar. In the 1940s and early 1960s, with the addition of Haj Mohammad's sons, a new breath was breathed into his business, which resulted in his entry into the field of shoe accessories and raw materials, and later in the late 1960s the production of shoe soles. The group continued to produce PVC granules with the aim of increasing progress. In the 1980s, with the addition of the third generation, a well-known industrial group moved more rapidly in the direction of progress and promotion, which led to the production of polyurethane outsoles and the import of polyurethane raw materials.    
In the mid-1980s, with the arrival of the third generation of the well-known industrial group, polyurethane raw materials were imported from different countries for various industries, especially the shoe industry. The trading company that was established with the aim of importing these products succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation of two international companies in the field of polyurethane and acted as the exclusive representative of the distribution of the products of these two companies.
In 1994, in order to be self-sufficient in the production of high-performance polymer products in Iran, it supported university experts and research centers. With the focus on improving quality and a new attitude to the polyurethane industry in Iran, and considering the need of factories for quality raw materials in various industries, this group has focused its activities on the production of polymer raw materials and new services in this regard.
With the beginning of domestic production of these products, the trading company transferred its knowledge and experience in the field of trade, market and sale of these products to Rassam Polymernami Company and stopped its activity.
Subsequently, the company mass-produced the raw materials of the polyurethane system using up-to-date knowledge, and in 1397, it operated its fully automatic production line.
In 1398, the polyurethane product was produced in insole and flexi grade on a laboratory scale, and in 1399, mass production of insole and flexi grade was started. In the same year, phase 2 was designed in its new location and is predicted to be operational in 1402.

              Our principles

              • Invest in science, technology and human resources using innovation
              • Observance of ethical and professional principles in dealing with customers according to the principle of customer orientation
              • Creating specialized products according to customer needs
              New product and technology development  

              We have an experienced technical team, we can create new or special type of polyester, polyol, polyurethane system formula and related application technology according to customer needs.
              Partners and Suppliers

              Nami Industrial Group, in order to achieve its goals and according to the needs of domestic factories for quality materials, has tried to cooperate with reputable domestic and international factories and manufacturers. Materials provided by this group from reputable international companies such as Kemi, Samsung, Sasol, Marbo, ATN and reputable domestic companies such as Farabi Petrochemical, Petrochemical Shazand, Bandar Imam Petrochemical and Karun Petrochemical are supplied.
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