Nami Industrial Group

Nami industrial group with over 70 years of valuable trading and manufacturing experience has been able to play a significant role in delivering high performance services and products  in the polyurethane industry by adhering to the six principles of unity ,respect ,empathy ,honesty ,perseverance and innovation.

In this regards ,rasam polyemer nami company as a subsidiary of this industrial group, obtained the license for knowledge based from the vice president of science and technology of president in 1395, which is a very important  step towards the self-sufficiency of our beloved Iran in the polyurethane industry.

Supposed by its human capital and installation of one of the most advanced production lines of system house, this industrial group manages  to produce and supply specialized polyester, pre polymers , catalyst ND POLYMERS FOR VARIOUS SHOE INDUSTRIES , industrial insulation, automobiles , construction , home appliance , sponge , glue , paint and other related industries for domestic and foreign markets.  


a long experience

Nearly 80 years of experience in production

keep up with technology
Manufacturer of polyurethane products 
Extensive after-sales service in the country and neighboring countries
quality guarantee
In accordance with international standards and quality



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